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George J. Miko is a Founding member and the Vice-President of Communications of the International MODAPTS Association (IMA). He is an accomplished author and instructor of the MODAPTS system.

Mr. Miko has over 30 years of experience in Industrial Engineering, and holds a Masters Degree in Management from Central Michigan University. He knows the value of improved methods and ergonomics. This combined with the MODAPTS system can result in increased productivity and the reduction of workmen's compensation costs.  

Above: Receiving jointly, the Chris Heyde Award for Recognition of Contributions, Promotion and Proliferation of the MODAPTS Language for Understanding Work in 1997. (From left to right): Don Barker, President of International MODAPTS Association; George J. Miko, President of Miko Productivity Group; and Ron Bruce, UAW St. Louis Assembly Plant.

                                               PENANG, MALAYSIA, DECEMBER 2010

Cuautitlan Ford Assembly Plant, Mexico  November 2006

York International  Norman, Oklahoma  2007


Intel   Penang, Malaysia  April  2007

                                                                Intel, Penang, Malaysia     April  2008

                                                                                               Intel, Penang, Malaysia   December 2008


UAW-FORD Ergonomics Co-Chair Bob Harvey, with Rhea Smith and Sally Davis -August 2007

From Bob Harvey, Ergonomics Co-Chair and Coordinator, UAW-Local 387, Ford Motor Company, Woodhaven Stamping Plant:  " We took this class because our suppliers use the Modapts program to verify a specific cycle time while completing a task.  In taking this class, it enables us to better understand how our suppliers calculate our operator cycle time studies.  We are now able to aid our suppliers in reviewing their Modapts studies and make suggestions for improvements.  Some suggestions for improvement include ergonomic issues such as extended reaching, excessive bending and walking.  Our team was apprehensive about taking this Modapts training class as it seemed very condensed and complex to our team and we were concerned about the outcome of said training.  We would like to thank our instructor, George Miko, who put our minds to ease as he took us through the entire learning process, in which we all received certification in the use of the Modapts system".

(L) Jim Irey-UAW JSP/Sourcing   (R) Michael Lewis UAW Ergonomics Ford Woodhaven Stamping Plant  2009

          Missing from the above picture is Michael Woolman  UAW Health & Safety Representative

(L) James Lawson and Dennis King (R) UAW JSP/Sourcing Ford Woodhaven Stamping Plant November 2010



Johnson Controls Inc. Juarez, Mexico 2008

Johnson Controls Inc-YORK-Evcon Industries  Wichita, Kansas  2008

Case NewHolland-Queretaro, Mexico  2009

Johnson Controls Inc--Taylor, Michigan 2009


The following is a list of our clients in the Rehabilitation, Manufacturing, 

Unions, Business Services, and Engineering Support activities:

Rehabilitation Centers

Goodwill Industries-Michigan, Ohio & Maryland, JVS,  Clermont County, Arc of Monroe County, FAYCO, Gateway Services, Texas 

Panhandle Mental Health & Retardation, Bona Vista, ABG Fulfillment, CDC, Freedom Works, Abilities Services, Inc. (ASI)

Options of Linn County, Weaver Industries, Johnson County Developmental Support,  Hugh Sandefur Industries,  

Logan Industries, St. Joseph Community Co-op  and RISE (Rehabilitation & Industrial Services Enterprise),

 Blue River Services (Indiana), MidMichigan Industries, Creative Learning Workshop, AWS (Anthony Wayne Services)

 Progressive Industries, Arc Oneida Lewis, and Crossroads of Western Iowa

Manufacturing, Unions, Business Services and Engineering Support Activities

Ford Motor Company (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Europe), Intel (Penang, Malaysia), Oakwood Group, Clearr Industries,

Detroit Chassis LLC, Collins & Aikman , Johnson Controls (USA, Canada & Mexico), LandRover (England),

Bridgewater Interiors, Sonopress, Lenawee Stamping, Mazda, Hyundai, CKGP, Axiem, Environmental Technologies Inc.,

Sandalwood, Tri-Tec, Johnson Corporation, York Industries, Evcon Industries, UAW/CAW, Research Products Corporation,

DNP Electronics Anchor Fabrication,  Setex Inc., FPS-NATA, Gonzalez Production Systems, Factory Planning,

ACH LLC, DKG Consulting Inc., Dakkota Integrated Systems USA & Canada), CaseNewHolland (CNH Industries-Mexico),

Productivity Engineering Services,  Asurion Insurance Services, Midway Products,  Rockwell Automation, PCC Airfoils

Van-Rob, Volvo Parts North America ,Flextronics (Penang, Malaysia), KIA Motors, Lloyd/Flanders Industries URS Corporation,

   David's Bridal,    Chrysler, Caterpillar, Geometric Americas, The Productivity Team, Continental Motors, MB-Technology NA,

MOBIS NA, LOGOS Logistics Inc.,CIVCO Medical Solutions,Comer Holdings-Camryn Industries, Gestamp NA,

Veterans Administration Hospital-Battle Creek, Michigan, Volvo Truck Operations, Jacobs Technology,

University of Windsor, Ventura Manufacturing, UnicarriersAmericas, Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology (USA),

Cpk Interior Products,Yanfeng Global Automotive Interior , Horizon Plastics-Canada, Kwang Jin America , Grupo Antolin Primera, Custom Leather-Canada, Ghafari Associates, Whirlpool & Flex-N-Gate


 2 News Articles that will appear shortly in the IMA newsletter:

Si Senor, Modapts Habla Espanol
Thanks to the effort of Dave Kunselman and  The Productivity Team (TPT), the Modapts manual has been updated and improved from the original
Spanish manual.  The original translation was developed by Ford Motor Company back in early 1980.  To ensure its accuracy we were fortunate enough to have Liz Berro, a Ford Motor Master Black Belt who is also very fluent in Spanish, review the manual for  needed upgrades.  Tom Sechrist and his associates are also reading and making recommendation for additional enhancements.
There efforts were put to the test during November 2006 at the Ford Motor Company assembly plant in Cuautitlan, Mexico.  The class consisted of (9) engineers and one Union representative from the plant.  To further ensure are training success with the revised Spanish manual, I had a translator that I had previously worked with on another Modapts project in Hermosillo, Mexico.  His assistance was very important  in furthering the accuracy of the manual and our work on  the assembly plant floor.  Upon completing the classroom training we then took the class into the assembly plant to further there knowledge in applying Modapts codes to actual operator workloads.  So the language barrier is no longer an issue when you apply Modapts to develop work standards---everyone is using a common language to understand work.
Modapts goes to College
Dr. Thomas Armstrong, a professor at the School of Engineering at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus, teaches IOE 463, a class in Measurement and Design of Work.  The purpose of this course is to provide his students with basic skills for describing, analyzing and designing jobs.  They use the human-machine concept to talk about how people interact with equipment and materials in the workplace.  The basic work methods analysis is described as a tool for identification of value added and not value added work and about evaluation of ergonomic stresses that may adversely affect work quality,  work comfort and health.  This leads to discussion of ways to measure work times and discussion of time study, standard data and pre-determined time systems.   Dr.  Armstrong  first introduces  the class to MTM and then follows this with lectures on MOST and MODAPTS.   MTM provides a good basic understanding of the pre-determined time concepts.  This introduction has been followed up by actual field trips which is where he was exposed to actual MODAPTS applications being implemented at Ford Motor Company and Johnson Controls (JCI).  Presently, MOST has been a part of his classroom teaching coupled with Dr. Terri Lynch-Caris, a professor at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan.  However, Dr. Armstrong has quoted that " he is seriously considering dropping MOST due to the fact that MODAPTS compliments our field trips".  He feels also that one of the impediments to adopting MODAPTS  is the lack of published documentation.  In an effort to minimize this  gap, Mr. George Miko, a Division Industrial Engineering Supervisor at Ford Motor Company and a MODAPTS Training Consultant & Instructor, voluntarily conducted MODAPTS classes at the University of Michigan in the 2006 Spring and Fall semesters.  Mr. Miko intends to expand the students understanding of the implementation of MODAPTS by including case study projects to be conducted by the students in the 2007 winter semester.   Mr. Miko hopes that these case studies might address the need for published documentation for Universities as well as companies adoption of MODAPTS above all other work standard methods.
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